Pensil Lifetime Deal and Review ($79) – Launch & Monetize Your Online Community

Pensil Lifetime Deal and review

Fact: On average, online communities generate a 4,530% ROI. That sounds like a lot, so I did a bit of research. For every $100 you invest in growing your online community, you’d get an average of $4,530 back.

Now I get why the biggest brands in the world focus so much on building a loyal following. And maybe you can see why it makes software like Pensil a no-brainer for your business.



Introducing Pensil is an easy-to-use platform that helps you launch, grow, and monetize a thriving online community. It helps you for running and managing online communities, cohort-based courses, virtual events, micro-school, and discussion forums.


  • Unlimited members per community
  • 5 admins and 10 moderators
  • Up to 50 live-streaming hours (per month)
  • Live session
  • Direct messaging, group chat, and post-based section
  • Customized greeting messages
  • Pensil Mobile app (Android & iOS)
  • Zapier integration
  • White label
  • Personalized email and SMS notifications
  • Events scheduling
  • Bulk import and export



Choose the right plan for your business so that you can reduce your business costs!

There are amazing plans for Content Creator, Freelancers, and online marketing of all sizes. From my point of view, Pensil lifetime deal is perfect for you with subscriptions and improve user adoption with customizable onboarding experiences

There are three smart plans of Pensil; Start, Grow, and Enterprise. But you will get all services inside of the Pensil according to your plan.

Below find details of each plan and choose your Pensil lifetime deal for reducing your business costs!

Start Plan—$0/monthly:

  • 10000 Members
  • 5hr live session
  • Pensil Mobile App
  • 1GB Storage
  • 1 Admin & 2 Moderators
  • Community Support
  • Events & Calendar
  • Bulk Invite (100 users)

Grow Plan—$79/monthly:

  • Everything in Start plus:
  • Complete white-label solution
  • Payment Gateway*
  • 3 Admin & 10 Moderators
  • 1000hr live session
  • 500GB Storage
  • Priority Email Support
  • Access to all integrations
  • Weekly Digest
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)

Enterprise Plan—$Custom/monthly:

  • Everything in Grow plus
  • SDKs & UI Kit
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • 3 Communities
  • Complete white-labeled mobile app
  • Dedicated development team for community solution


According to my personal experience, this is the best pick for those who want to smonetize their expertise online and unify their community. Especially, this Pensil is created perfectly for you.

It makes no difference. Even if you’re a newbie person or high experienced person, you’ll need it because it has significantly superior characteristics when compared to other things.

Whatever you’re into, you’ll need Pensil-

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Educators
  • Startups Business


Pensil is a new home for your community, virtual events, cohort courses, micro-school, and memberships, all of which may be branded with your own identity.

Get access today and grab your Pensil lifetime deal now. You will not be bored with what it has to offer in fact, it is very fantastic!

Pensil Review – Deal Terms: $79/Lifetime $480.00

  • Lifetime access to Pensil
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • All Startup Plan features
  • 75 GB of storage
  • 1 community
  • 60 Days Easy money back guarantee.

How To Get an Extra $10 Discount For New Users?

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  • Please wait a few moments for a discount popup to display here.
  • To access the unique advantages, enter your email address here.
  • Continue with the same email address.
  • Get a 10$ discount at the end.
  • Discount valid for new users only.


At first glance, Pensil looked like it might be too new to purchase. However, because I am tired of trying to build communities on big social media platforms, only to be throttled unless I pay more in ads, etc, I decided to try it. So glad I did.

Let me say, Pensil is VERY cool. I am looking for a tool to create short lessons for my community… lessons that I can do quickly. Courses take so long to build, but Pensil makes it possible to make lots of mini-courses with interaction built right in.

Face it, people are tired of being controlled by the big social media platforms. It’s time to build our OWN communities. Pensil is the PERFECT tool at the right time. I’ve very excited to see it as it grows, and so glad to get in this deal at the beginning of their journey.

Sure, there are a few kinks to fix. For example, the help videos seem to have broken links. I would love to have pre-designed on-boarding videos for quick instruction.

The best part? The APP. It’s fantastic. This one will take off, no doubt.

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