Quickblog Lifetime Deal and Review ($59)- Build a Super Blog in 2 Minutes!

Meet Sam, she has a passion for interior design and she’s looking to set up a new blog about her hobby. So, she turns to popular blog tools, but these can be a hassle to set up due to hosting & security updates.

And who wants to spend time & money on theme editing? She tries to use a few faborite blogs with some success, but they’re not comfortable with them. The solution?

Meet Quickblog.

What is Quickblog?

Quickblog is an amazing platform that turns any website into money-making and organic traffic boosting blog site within 2 minutes. This is a great blogging platform for bloggers and agencies. This is a great tool that can be embedded into any website.

Quickblog provides fresh & optimized content for SEO to enable Google to crawl and index content. It helps you to ranks your article on Google and earns passive income without spending more time. No need for coding knowledge, editing or design. It saves Money & Time

Awesome Quickblog Features

Quickblog provides embedded, extremely, SEO-ready blogs for bloggers and agencies’ websites and clients. Quickblog has even more creative features to help you create a better blog in just 2 minutes!

We love this tool because of its:

  • SEO Scorer
  • Teams & Sub-accounts
  • Whitelabel
  • Shopify Integration
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Easy Website, Media,Shopify and Google Sheets Integration
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Scheduling
  • Multi-languages
  • Custom CSS
  • WordPress Migration
  • Related Posts and Categories
  • Custom Styling
  • Individual Post Sharing and Commenting
  • Search Bar and custom buttons
  • Unlimited blog posts and scheduled posts
  • Stock Media integration – (Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash and more)


Quickblog Pricing Plans

Choose the right plan for your business so that you can reduce your business costs!

There are amazing plans for Marketers, Freelancers, and online marketing of all sizes. From my point of view, Quickblog lifetime deal is perfect for you with subscriptions and improve user adoption with customizable onboarding experiences

There are three smart plans of Quickblog; Forever Free, Premium, and Agency 15. But you will get all services inside of the Quickblog according to your plan.

Below find details of each plan and choose your Quickblog lifetime deal for reducing your business costs!

Free Plan—$0/monthly:

  • Manage 1 blog/domain
  • Unlimited blog posts per month
  • Unlimited posts history
  • 1 user
  • Quickblog branding
  • The essentials to get your blog up and running

Premium Plan—$9/monthly:

  • All Forever Free features, plus:
  • Manage 3 blogs/domains
  • No Quickblog branding
  • Blog search bar
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited schedulings
  • Import from Google Sheets
  • Shopify integration

Agency Plan—$27/monthly:

  • All Premium features, plus:
  • Manage 15 blogs/domains
  • White-label & custom domain (resell/rebrand)²

Who is this Software For?

According to my personal experience, this is the best pick for those who want to publish their website’s content quickly and create a blog without investing a lot of time or money. Especially, this Quickblog is created perfectly for you.

It makes no difference. Even if you’re a newbie person or high experienced person, you’ll need it because it has significantly superior characteristics when compared to other things.

Whatever you’re into, you’ll need Quickblog

  • Bloggers
  • Online Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Agencey owner
  • Startups Business

Quickblog Appsumo Lifetime Deal

QuickBlog is a suitable blogging solution. It is really agency-ready, which is useful for businesses or companies that provide services and unique content creation to their clients.

Quick blog helps to simplify the content creation and maintenance of a blog and dazzles with its simple setup and comprehensive blog customizability.

Get access today and grab your Quickblog lifetime deal now. You will not be bored with what it has to offer in fact, it is very fantastic!

Quickblog Review – Deal Terms: $59/Lifetime $1440.00

  • Lifetime access to Quickblog
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • 3 accounts (3 blog domains)
  • Unlimited users & teams
  • 60 Days Easy money back guarantee.

How To Get an Extra $10 Discount For New Users?

  • Visit the “Quickblog Lifetime Appsumo Deal” deal page.
  • Please wait a few moments for a discount popup to display here.
  • To access the unique advantages, enter your email address here.
  • Continue with the same email address.
  • Get a 10$ discount at the end.
  • Discount valid for new users only.

FAQ Section

Do you offer a free trial?

Always time you will access FREE account with you will be able to create an unlimited blog post. All premium features will be locked here. If you would like to use all pro features then upgrade your plan.

Are there any setup fees?

No need setup fees. Easily you can set up everything yourself in Quick blog, given your aptitude with your website. If need help just knocks via email or Live Chat.

Will my data be private and safe?

Yes. Quickblog takes data privacy and security issues very seriously and we are very candid about our policies. Please view the following for more information:

– Privacy, Cookies & Data Protection Rights (DPR): https://www.quickblog.co/privacy


It is critical for brand awareness to figure out how to help your customers understand more about your company.

Blogging is one of the best organic ways to generate traffic to your business and one of the best ways to highlights yourself, your strategy, or an idea.

Quickblog, thankfully, can do all of that and more. It converts your blog into an embeddable content widget that generates embedded posts for your website and client sites without requiring any coding.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own blog but didn’t know where to begin, now is your chance.

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